#COVID19 - DANIEL VERSTAPPEN (ft.Choir Magiya)

RELEASE DATE - 27/03/20

Belgian - International Artist Daniel Verstappen, pianist - composer - songwriter - producer releases an ”epic” song with a message of hope, which the world is in desperate need of! 

Daniel stands for compassion, connection and cooperation. More than ever, Daniel recognizes the need to connect people worldwide through his music within the framework of reflection and unity.

Daniel composed an inspiring song & video in no time, in which his children's choir Magiya enters into a dialogue with the piano and electronics. 

With #COVID19, Daniel builds a bridge between generations and found the synergy between classic and modern, which a fusion of different music styles with each other. This song fits within a broad context and for a diverse audience.

In his composition & music video, Daniel transforms the emotions of the whole world and brings a message of hope. We will become stronger, if we believe in the power of love for music and for each other.

By searching for the , Daniel created his unique sound, uniting young and old.

#COVID19 will be part of his new album, which will be released in June 2020.

Internationally, Daniel's music is described as; “Unique, powerful, magical,  inspirational & always straight from the heart”

"As an artist and creator I feel connected to my audience worldwide and through this way I want to reflect the emotions & thoughts of the people around the tragedy of the Corona crisis, into my music. These are very special times in which we live and with my music I want to connect people across borders." With love, Daniel


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